Osrs nmz guide

The premise of the minigame is that you have to fight the hardest challenges you have faced so far in OSRS. Therefore, having 5 completed quests with end bosses being a hard prerequisite to beginning the minigame.

Fortunately, once you finish 5 quests which have end bosses, a teleport to the minigame is unlocked. Why should you do the NMZ? The reason people do the NMZ is because it holds one of the best XP per hour methods for leveling up combat stats. However, NMZ is not optimal before at least level combat. You will not be able to survive long, it will cost many resources and you will not be able to do the best methods, thus making other methods such as sand and rock crabs much better for the lower levels.

By imbuing the rings, you double the stats on them. NMZ comes in 4 different modes. The first one is Practice mode, this mode is just for that, practice. The second mode is endurance. This phase has you unlocking bosses before it starts, and it ends once all the unlocked bosses have been slain. Thirdly we have the Rumble. The rumble places you against 5 random bosses that you have unlocked via questing.

Lastly, we have the Customizable Rumble, which is an endless fight. Here you will handpick any number of bosses above 5 and you will have to fight them until you die. There are two difficulties in which you can choose the game modes, Easy and Hard.

The easy difficulty presents the bosses as you encountered them in the quest, with the same hit points and stats.

The Hard difficulty presents the bosses with significantly more hitpoints, making them harder to kill. Of course, the hard difficulty awards much more points than the easy one. On top of that, having more hitpoints is preferred when looking to achieve high XP per hour. Our first tip of the day is to always choose the Hard Difficulty!

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Keep in mind, that for every attempt at the minigame, you will have to pay a service fee. The mode that we will be looking into today is going to be the Customizable Rumble at hard and easy difficulty.

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For these, you will need to fork up 26k and 22k respectively to begin the game. We will not get into the NMZ bosses in this Guide as we have written a whole separate section regarding them, right here on this article.

Firstly, before starting out you need to look at what your goal is. Secondly, for the first few attempts, do not go for the bosses that give extra XP. Those are usually higher level with high-level defensive stats. You will not hit much through them and you might end up dying before you finish the minigame, thus wasting resources.

Refer to our NMZ bosses guide and pick the easiest 5. Thirdly, Prayer flick. Flicking your prayers on and off will substantially increase the time you can spend inside the minigame. The whole point of these early runs that you do with your resources is to acquire as many points as possible in order to reach the highest XP per hour rates.

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The one thing that we really need to say about power-ups is disregarding them completely apart from the Power Surge. When learning, you are much better off not using them, because using the incorrectly can cost your progress. The absorption potion gives you 50 points of absorption. If you have full hitpoints, the maximum the bosses can hit you as far up as their maximum hit ceiling.

However, if you have only 1 HP, the maximum the bosses can hit you is 1 HP.Using chinchompas, which is a members-only ranged weapon, against Skeletal or Maniacal monkies can get you upwards of—experience PER hour. These little creatures cause area of effect damage, and with a hefty range and prayer bonus, you could see why the rates are so high.

osrs nmz guide

Full ranger void is of course always recommended if you have it for that hefty ranged boost. See our Pest Control guide for information on how to obtain that. Your inventory should look something like this. If you have low or medium HP, it is recommended to take 3 or 4 sharks with you. During the trip in the cave you will be hit a few times from the falling debris. There are two different locations for chinning on OSRS. One requiring the start or completion of Monkey Madness I, and the other location requiring the start or completion of Monkey Madness II.

The quickest way to get here is by using the Spirit Tree at the grand exchange, and traveling to the Tree Gnome Stronghold. You may use the Ape Atoll teleport spell after the completion of Recipe for Disaster. He will throw a blindfold on you and bring you to Waydar, speak with Waydar and he will bring you back to Crash island. Finally, from here speak with Lumdo and he will bring you to Ape Atoll.

You will come across a dungeon just to the west of where you appear on the island, climb down this ladder and refer to the image below for your route on where to begin chinning. With the arrival of the new Monkey Madness II quest, that also entails another spot for chinning! As with the first location, head to the Grand Tree.

osrs nmz guide

The quickest way to get here without using the Ape Atoll teleport is by using the Spirit Tree and traveling to the Gnome Stronghold. Run north, and head up the ladder, and speak with Daero. He will blindfold you and take you to Waydar, speak with him and he will bring you to Lumdo. Finally, he will take you to Ape Atoll.

You will see a dungeon icon on your minimap, this is the entrance for the first location. Head down the south tunnel and you will come to an area with a dodgy ground. You must follow the northern passage and in order to do this successfully you have to step on only the patted down areas.

Once past this obstacle, you will reach a good amount of smaller tier agility obstacles. Complete all of them, and you will reach a dark hole. Note: If you fail any of the obstacles, it will bring you into the monkey madness 1 location and you will be attacked by maniacal monkeys. If this happens, run down one of the paths until you find a vine to climb up. You will be taken back to the dodgy ground and have to try again. It is recommended to have a decent agility level for this method, since that factors into how well you will do on the obstacles.The Nightmare Zone is a combat -based minigame that is located north of Yanillenorthwest of the bank.

The minigame involves players having "dreams" to fight bosses they have fought before in quests. It is run by Dominic Onionwho is a mage from Lunar Isle. This minigame is safe, meaning you will not lose items on death ; however, any items you drop manually on the ground will be lost if you die, as you will be taken away from the arena. Dominic did not plan on calling his business the Nightmare Zone; it was what the local folk have been calling it.

The plan came to him in a vivid dream when he was younger where he saw himself running a successful business from a great structure. He told his father about it, who laughed and said he should be a banker like his ancestors. He refused and wanted to find out what that dream meant, so he studied to find out more about Magicparticularly oneiromancy and dream interpretation. Once he had learned enough, he left Lunar Isle attempting to find the location where he built the huge tower.

Since he had not found it or gathered enough money for its construction, he decided to set up a small business north of Yanille selling dreams to people. To begin the game, the player must complete at least five quests required to access the minigame :.

The minigame requires coins to be put into the coffer. Coins can be deposited into and withdrawn from the coffer in multiples ofto a maximum of 2, coins. The amount of coins needed for each mode varies according to the type of mode respectively:. Once the player chooses a mode to participate in, money is deducted from the coffer, and Dominic prepares the Dream potion on a plinth, which when drank will bring you into the Nightmare Zone arena.

Those who wish to spectate can drink the spectator potion and enter the name of the player whom they wish to spectate. You do not need to bring the required quest items needed to finish off bosses; for example, the Black Knight Titan will die without the use of Excaliburand items such as Magic secateurs will be provided for Tanglefoot and an Anti-dragon shield for Elvargand runes will be provided for Chronozon and the Dagannoth mother.

All items provided this way have " nz " at the end of their names, indicating that they cannot be taken out of the Nightmare Zone. Magic experience from casting spells by using " nz " runes is heavily reduced.

osrs nmz guide

Players can select a single boss which you have previously defeated in a quest to fight 1-on-1 until either boss or player dies. No experience is given and no Nightmare Zone points will be awarded for defeating the boss.

Fighting every boss the player has unlocked 1-on-1 in waves until the player either dies or defeats all bosses available, gaining Points for each boss defeated see Points Awarded in the 'Bosses' section below.

This mode allows you or a group of friends to fight multiple randomly generated bosses at once and when you kill any single boss another one will spawn in its place endlessly until the player dies.

This mode requires all players in the group to have the coins required for participating. Bosses encountered in a rumble are those that all players in the group can access. Reward points are rewarded for boss kills points split between teams, see 'Bosses' section Note. Those that leave the enclosure will automatically leave the group. Once the hosting player drinks the Dream potionplayers in the group will be prompted to either join the shared dream or leave the group.

As of 10 Marchplayers can select their own set of bosses within the dream by selecting the customisable options after selecting Rumble mode.

Customisable dreams require 22, coins for normal mode, and 26, coins for hard mode. Players who have the maximum amount of quest points will have the cost reduced by 10, coins.There are many ways to train all skills. Some players prefer material gain during their training; others do not care so much, as long as they get their experience as fast as possible.

Some skills are very commonly trained by buying the items required, such as CookingPrayerConstruction and Crafting. Since certain skills such as Fishing and Woodcutting are often very repetitive and passive, the best way to train these skills without becoming bored is to do something else at the same time.

osrs nmz guide

Activities such as reading, watching television, listening to music or even working out while training can keep focus up and boredom levels to a minimum. In-game, it's good to switch training from one skill to another from time to time.

A common training spot for new players is outside of Lumbridge castle where one can chop trees, kill the local goblin population, and visit the nearby fishing spots. Ironmen have two separates guides for their game mode:. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Free-to-play guides.

Nightmare Zone

Members' guides.Before we look into which are the best NMZ bosses to train on, we need to understand what is the point of choosing different bosses in NMZ. Some of the concepts we cover here are a continuation and a deeper look compared to that guide. In order to start training in the NMZ, you will need to choose at least 5 bosses from your previously done quests. So, if you are just starting out on a new account, choose whichever quest bosses you have available.

However, make sure to only select melee bosses, otherwise, most afk and other best available methods will not be viable. These are three reasons as to why these 5 quests are the best. Firstly, these 5 quests are de-facto the best quests to do when starting your account, accompanied by the Waterfall quest, of course. They are the best because they give the highest XP in their skills available at lower levels. Secondly, these quests have little or no pre-requirements, so every new account can do them.

Lastly, all the bosses in these quests are melee. The amount of NMZ points you get from the minigame is directly connected to how many opponents you spawn during each fight.

Therefore, more bosses equal to more points. These 4 bosses all give extra XP per hit. These bosses are also known as boosting bosses. How to choose which bosses to do in NMZ? Depending on which stat you are training, you will need to switch up your boss line up.

Certain bosses have higher defensive stats versus certain attack types. The most notable one is the Ice Troll King who has extremely high ranged defense. Apart from that, make sure to always select the 4 best NMZ bosses to train on as mentioned above and accompany them with as many other melee bosses as you can.

The reason NMZ is so coveted is because of the incredible afk-ness of the minigame, combined with the crazy XP per hour one can reach in it. However, while there is a list for the best NMZ bosses to train on, there is also a list for the worst NMZ zone bosses. This boss can hit through our absorption potions, in turn, making the game impossible to AFK and disrupting the best methods of training.

They both decrease our stats, making our XP per hour go down significantly. Elvarg drains stats and Glod drains our prayer. These bosses have some undesirable mechanics, however, if you are going for absolute maximum points and are not afk-ing, you should activate them as well. If you are just starting out, do the 5 easier ones mentioned above.

However, if you are a higher-level player, make sure to pick the bonus XP bosses alongside all available melee bosses.My name is Theoatrixand welcome to my complete Nightmare Zone Guide.

This article covers the basics through to all of the tactics that you will need to know to play it effectively. I will show you how to get the maximum pointshow to get the fastest XPand how to AFK the longest. Introduction to the Nightmare Zone. To be able to partake in the Minigame, you need to have completed at least 5 of the Quests that are currently listed on the screen below.

Once you have done any of these 5, you unlock the Minigame Teleport to the Nightmare Zonewhich is the fastest way there. The Minigame takes you into dreamswhere you are faced against Quest Bosses that you have already killed in the real game. It is a completely safe Minigame. You will not lose any items. However, it does cost money to start a dream. Game Modes. There are 3 Types of game modes.

You can play Practicewhich is free, and you do not get XP or points. There is Endurancewhich ends once you kill all of the Bosses that you have unlocked, and the final mode is Rumblewhich puts you up against random Bosses that you have unlocked.

Or, you can even customise which Bosses you want to fight. This one is endless, and will only end once you die. All of these 3 game modes have 2 difficulties — easy and hard.

Easy gives the standard amount of points, and the Bosses are the same level as they were in the Quest. Hard mode gives a lot more points per kill, and the Bosses are far higher level with a lot more Hitpoints. You need to store money in the coffin nearby in order to enter a dream.

I recommend putting at least in there. Dream Prices. The most expensive dream is a customisable Hard Rumblewhich is the only game mode I really recommend playing. You should only ever choose Easy Rumble if you want to see what the Nightmare Zone is like at a lower level. The points and XP are so much lower and are not really worth your time. In order to effectively play the Nightmare Zone, I recommend having at least 70 Combat — so, that is around 70 Attack, Strength and Defence.

However, you can get away with slightly lower stats.It was the first brand new piece of content added to the game. The minigame takes you into a "dream" where you face off against quest bosses you have previously defeated. This is not a full guide on NMZ, but a guide based on how to maximize the experience you receive. Players quickly found out you can use accounts with only the minimal amount of quests to obtain the best XP.

These accounts are called "boosters". They charge a fee. The rate they charge will vary from booster to booster. Before you get into serious training it is highly advised that you do a few test runs to build up about 18, NMZ points or the equivalent of 4 Overload potions.

You will have to trust a random person with the money you trade them. Do not trade anything you are not willing to lose.

It is very possible to get scammed.

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Sadly this is currently the only way to effectively play NMZ. There are a few ways to get to Nightmare Zone.

A minimum of 5 completed quest that feature bosses are required to enter the Nightmare Zone. You need at least 5 quests that are listed below. The quests will be divided by the worlds that are dedicated to them.

World is for Maging and Ranging mostly. This is because the boosters on this world only have 1x1 monsters. However, you can melee in that world too. World is the Melee world.

[OSRS] NIGHTMARE ZONE For Noobs - First Time NMZ Guide

The monsters you get will not be 1x1. So they don't stack well for attacks that hit multiple targets. Witch's House quest is an alternative for Pure builds. Keep in mind that the Experiment still damages you and drains your stats. The gear you should wear will vary from person to person. The layouts below are just examples. You can replace pieces for armor you can afford.

Amazing Guide and tips for the Nightmare Zone (NMZ) only on NMZTraining

For armor sets like Void Knight armor and Dharok's you need 4 pieces, the entire set, for them to function properly. The armor that provides the most XP per hour for each style is as follows; Melee - Dharok's if you're above 85 Strength and Hitpoints, if not Saradomin sword or Abyssal whip is better.

Range - Void knight set with Ranged helmet. Magic - Void or Ahrim's will work about the same. Below are the Ranged and Magic setups. Due to the cost of Runes and Chinchompas versus the cost of Prayer potions I will not be showing Absorption potion only setups. You can however use them if you'd like although it is not recommended. They can be used universally between Ranged methods.

You can use Grey, Red, or Black chincompas. It all depends on what you can afford, are willing to spend, or can use.

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